Today is the hottest day. Ever.

It’s official. Today is Seattle’s hottest day on record. At 2:53 p.m. the Sea-Tac weather station hit the 101 degree mark, breaking the previous record of 100 degrees. An hour later the mercury was still climbing and the temperature was 102 degrees. We’ll see what where we top out. According to, the 98107 zip is a steamy 104.5 degrees and the 98117 zip is currently at 102.2 degrees. A dip in Puget Sound sounds nice right about now!

Metro is warning that the afternoon bus ride home might not be pleasant. Only about 30 percent of buses have air conditioning. No a/c on a crowded bus really does sound miserable. Metro is advising that you take a later bus when fewer people are riding and the temperature drops.

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  1. I just saw this on KOMO's Weather page:

    “FLASH FLOOD WARNING — issued for the towns of Mineral, Elbe and Alder until 5:45 p.m. near Mt. Rainier due to stalled thunderstorm. Rain is falling at the rate of 2 inches per hour.”

    Sucks to be them!

  2. There is a grass fire in the path area of the University of Washington Horticulture Center. Big response, including Harbor patrol. So far two firefighters are being evaluated for heat issues.

  3. Kinda funny, maybe not, but I listened in to a talk show that was calling us the wimpiest people ever. I take exception, not only for myself, but for many others who face much more adversity in their lives than we could ever imagine. I'll not allow a temperature gauge, or a poll, or an opinion to color that fact. Be strong, be productive. Be well, folks.
    This too shall pass!

  4. Just swiped from The Stranger's SLOG:

    “With extreme temperatures causing an expansion of its steel and concrete components, the University Bridge will remain in the closed position to prevent damage from an opening. While the bridge is available for motor vehicle traffic, it will not be opened for marine traffic through the night. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will leave the bridge in a closed position overnight to prevent any structural damage and adverse impacts to emergency response.”


  5. Yeah, considering that it was engineered to withstand this and worse…
    Well, it is the DOT, maybe their play-doe is cracking…

  6. Hey, how often do we get 100 degrees? They need a little perspective.
    Everyone was out of fans, btw. The Greenwood Fred Meyer said they're expecting a new shipment tonight, though.
    I just borrowed a fan from my mom (Evil Nephew is still in Oakland and doesn't need it) and bought a bunch of cold packs at Bartells.

  7. 104-105, hopefully never again. I wasn't saying anything other than this is something to overcome. This is not something that should label us as wimps. Leave that to the wimps, please. WE can overcome.

  8. Wimp!
    Sorry Nora aka TRIX Bell, I really hope you have a smile for me anyhow.
    Well get below 70 tonight, less than a 100 f'ing something tomorrow, and soon we'll be in the balmy 80's this weekend.
    Hey, some light at the end of the tunnel.

  9. Wimps? I think not. The fact is that virtually none of Seattle has AC, because we rarely need it. The usual pattern is a week or so of 80+ weather in August, then it starts dropping into the pleasant 70s. Cities that I've been to that have horrendous summer weather (New York, DC, Dallas, Phoenix) in the summer have AC EVERYWHERE. Plus we have the humidity to deal with.
    We aren't used to this. We aren't prepared for this. I didn't forget to move to Arizona. How well would people in South Carolina deal with the snowstorms we had this winter ? Not real well, I would bet.

    BTW, I am so happy with my new A/C (thank you Chopper 74 and friend) that I think I'll just hunker down in front of it until the worst passes.

  10. Well, I did just fine. Of course, I spent a few of my formative years in Alaska. Bundle up, walk to where you need to go, have a fire in the fireplace…all of that seems like it was from another lifetime, doesn't it? I happen to have loved the snowstorms EXCEPT that it made getting to the passes to go skiing next to impossible. An d my poor mom was trapped at the bottom of a steep hill…but then she had plenty of food, firewood, books, etc. I actually walked all over Ballard, and saw several of my friends on skiis! There was a certain “Little-House-on-the-Prairie” aspect to it.

  11. This might be the perfect opportunity for folks to use those “Two Week Free Guest Passes” at the Olympic Health Club. They have a pool.

  12. Did anyone get a photo of the temp reading at Corry's Drycleaning on 15th Ave?? At 4:30pm it read 113 DEGREES!!! I wish I had gone back with my camera, but once I was safely in the one room of my house that has A.C. you couldn't have dragged me out with a herd of Vikings.

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