Spend a few hours making 14th Ave NW beautiful

We’ve written before about the efforts to make 14th Ave. NW more beautiful.

The East Ballard Community Association is asking for neighbors to volunteer some time to make it a reality. According to their blog, SDOT is willing to give them 30 planters removed from downtown. To get those planters installed, the EBCA is applying for a Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple Matching Grant which is due the end of August. The grant could be up to $15,000, depending on what the neighborhood contributes. The association is looking for is volunteers to pledge time (not money). The city sees each volunteer hour as a $15 donation. Professional services, such as landscape design consulting are worth $75 per hour. You can also donate items such as soil or plants. To pledge your time or items, fill out this form.

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7 thoughts to “Spend a few hours making 14th Ave NW beautiful”

  1. I know you've got a better imagination that that.

    How about if it went down 65th towards shilshole, and towards fremont in the other direction, where it could go down westlake and meet up with the SLUT.

  2. How about starting with removing all of the “permanently” parked homes aka cars, trucks and RVs off the median and sidestreets!!

  3. Thank you GM… Sadly you would think that you could get a Landscape Designer for under $75h. I have people with PHD's that don't cost that much.

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