Ballard is going to the dogs

Primp, prep and preen your pooch for the first Wuff Da! Dog Day of Ballard.

It all started when Jules posted a simple idea in the MyBallard forum, “After seeing everyone’s adorable pics of their pooches online, I say we have a Cutest Dog in Ballard Contest.” For the last three weeks she has been grooming this event and it’s sure to be a doggone good time. The competition is going to be “ruff” with categories like cutest retriever, funniest trick and best dressed, to name a few. Put your best paw forward this Sunday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Ballard Commons Park. You don’t need to pre-register, just show up for the free event. Jules has lined up a great list of sponsors who are providing a bunch of cool prizes. More information can be found here.

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  1. There have been rumors of a Post Pooch Pubcrawl to follow this exciting event.

    Are there any pooch-friendly purveyors of potable products in the proximity of the park?

  2. Jules, You should definitely put a flyer up at the Golden Gardens dog park. Just stick one on the gate as that's where you'll find a bunch of Ballard dogs interested in this, even this late in the game.

  3. Okay. Gotta leave soon so I just went to Yelp for research. So, we might have to call and confirm my info.
    Dog friendly bars in Ballard: The Traveler, The Dray, Kiss Cafe, La Isla, and Lombardi's (assuming outside deck only at Lombardi's and La Isla).

  4. I can't help you there although I hear most of the pubs in Billings, MT are dog friendly. What I really wanted to say was that was the most impressive sentence of “p's” I've seen in a long time. This comment brought to you by the letter 'p”

    Alas, I don't think I'll be home in time from camping to bring my pitbull. She is a contender for the “goofiest dog” title. Probably not “cutest” even though I think she's adorable. It sounds really fun though.

  5. I just hope that ENOUGH people show up…we have about 100 prizes, and 200 goodie bags! Come on down and bring your dog!
    Some of the prizes include:
    Gift certificates for Ahimisa dog trainer
    Gift certificates from Romanza
    Cool dog paintings
    Some very groovy collars and leashes
    Leashes that say “Ballard's Best.”
    Cool dog toys
    Dog Treats!
    Cool Dog Treat container with treats
    Cute Pug Cards
    Cute Scottie and Westie items
    and many, many more prizes.

    We'll also have about 100 tennis balls- that ought to make all the dogs happy!

  6. hahaha…true! I just thought if we knew which place we might come down for a drink or a bite to eat. I work right by Ballard Ave so i'm sure it's walking distance!?!?!

  7. Gus dog would love to have the treats and attention but alas he doesn't like other male dogs, especially those who must “hump” him.

    He is old (11 and 1/2 heeler n Aussie shep) and loves to B the boss of his three cats and his pig Wilbur. If we let Henry-etta turtle out he would do his best to control her too.

    Maybe he will cooperate for this event which sounds worthy n fun all at once. Is it Fremont or is it Ballard?

    No light beers for Gus but he would love to sip a dark or have a special nosh meant for any of his other house mates.

    Looking forward to the event! Gus says he will B on his best behaviour especially if he can dress up and meet girls too!

  8. Yep, and his name is Wilbur too. He's adopted from the Pigs Peace Sanctuary btw and came with his name.
    Since our last name is Bacon it makes for some funny moments at times. He has a license and everything, the look on their faces when we went down to fill out the paper work…
    Actually we are technically in Fremont.
    Wilbur stays home cause too many dogs wanna get him and he doesn't like it and neither does his brother Gus dog.
    I couldn't make this up if I tried. =0)

  9. I suppose we are in Ballard but it is Freelard so we can claim both. It all depends on how long you have been here and where you “think” the “line” is.

    I suppose for this event we can claim Ballard but some days we claim Fremont….

    Where do Ballardites claim the “line” is?

  10. Nice alliteration….but I think we'll leave the farm animals for another time. One of my friends in Sunset Hill has chickens!

    Sadly, bacon is all that stands between me and being a vegetarian. I might have to market a line of bacon-scented aromatherapy candles…come on , does anything smell better than bacon cooking? (Shhhh…don't tell the little piggy.)

  11. I want to reiterate: this is for dogs from Ballard, and I will be checking. Sorry we can't have a city-wide event, but there are MORE than plenty of dogs IN Ballard!

  12. Jules:
    So sso so happy and excited about this event! Kudos for planning it. How cool. I have been “off the blog” for a couple of months now as I got laid off from my job. It is great to check back in and see this fun ballard dog event for tomorrow. Bella and I will be there and happy to see others!

    Thank you again so much for this event, Bella can't wait!! She would either be the goofiest dog there or the cutest…..

    see you tomorrow!

    the other Jules!

  13. So I note that nobody has said just what constitutes Ballard as opposed to Fremont.

    The legal description of our property (1907) does contain “Ross Addition” and we are just off 3rd NW.

    Over the last 22 years I have heard that the “line” is 8th NW off Leary and I have heard it is at 3rd NW off Leary….
    The entire triangle of that land is going to all end up as commerical in the next decade or so I think.

    Does anyone know the “official” line and the legal description of same?

    Kudos for organizing the event!

  14. It all depends on which dog contest you want to enter on which day.
    There are several “official” lines and they are contradictory and arbitrary. Even the historians will argue it so just choose whichever one you like best as there really isn't any legal description that means anything. It's not like you're getting taxed differently for living in Ballard vs Fremont or Phinney Ridge.

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