Black cat found in Ballard

avallidis posted this picture in the forum. It seems that “Cutie Pie,” as she calls the cat, has adopted her.

“She wants to come live in our house, but we already have three and can’t go there. I took her to The Family Pet this morning to see if she is microchipped because it seems she has taken up sleeping in our yard. Sadly, she is not. We are near 58th and 15th. Is this your cat?” You can contact avallidis through the forum link above.

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  1. Looks like the same cat that used to visit our house daily on 65th and 16th. She was super sweet and always rolled over immediately when you went to pet her. Thought she belonged to the apartments on 15th right next to the veggie stand.

  2. Veterinarians have a name for cats like this, but they are usually much fatter than she is.

    They are called “three dinner Charley” or something similar, implying that everyone in the neighborhood feeds them and thinks that they are “their” cat.

    I realize that this is not your situation, exactly. ;-)

    She is very pretty! (And she knows it!)

  3. Great news!I put a collar and tag on “Cutie Pie” yesterday afternoon and received a call a short time later from a neighbor telling me that this is, in fact, 8-year-old Renauld. Renauld will be microchipped in the near future to prevent confusion. He has a warm place to spend the winter and is well-taken care of. He is based out of the 1500 block of 58th St.

  4. does the black cat found in ballard heve a purple collar with a bell on and a white diamond on it's chest? and is it a female or a male?and where is ballard?

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