West Woodland receives money for field renovation

West Woodland Elementary will be getting a new track, field and rain garden thanks to the Neighborhood Matching Large Project Fund.

In May, Marilyn Loveness, the principal of West Woodland along with several others asked the Ballard District Council to support their request for $85,000 from the city. While they didn’t receive the full amount, they did receive $63,750. We spoke with Loveness this morning, “We are very excited about it,” she told us. She says this year will be the planning year and construction will begin next summer. “The first priority is to get the track around the field.” The field has been unusable during the rainy months and with the track, kids will be able to go outside and run. The second priority is getting the field in shape for soccer. At this point, “the dog population has showed up,” she says. One of the projects for students this year will be to make signs to ask people not to bring their dogs. The third phase of the project will be the rain garden. This announcement coincides with the 100th anniversary of the school.

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7 thoughts to “West Woodland receives money for field renovation”

  1. great news, although I feel badly for the dog owners in the area who frequented the field (since its all that it was good for). Guess they will need to trek to the nearest dog park (golden gardens?).

  2. Off leash dogs aren't allowed on school fields or public parks, despite many ignoring the posted signs and using parks, playgrounds and the beach as dog parks. There are two dogs parks that are very close: Golden Gardens and Green Lake.

  3. i don't have a dog. All I'm saying is that field is so piss poor that all it was good for was people playing fetch with their dogs. I live up the street and look forward to a useable space for the neighborhood and not just the dogs.

  4. It's too bad there aren't plans to update the play equipment… Whittier Heights elementary has such wonderful equipment! Of course, the local city run playground nearest here (Gilman Playground) is one of those overwhelmed by the drunks.

  5. Both those dogs parks are soo dirty and gross my dog has come back 3 times with a different disease.

    As long as dog owners 1. clean up after their dog and 2. only take there dog to such places where others are not using them I see no problem.

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