Last day for Green Go Food

Today is the last day for Green Go Food on NW 20th.

“Honestly we are giddy with delight. We are so excited to go get on with the life we’ve been yearning for for so long,” Dylan and Heidi Stockman write in their blog. The couple is following their dream to work on a farm. They opened Green Go Food in February after finding success at the local farmers markets. After realizing that they were working themselves into the ground they decided to sell, but never found a buyer. “Thank You to our Ballard community who has been so supportive.”

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7 thoughts to “Last day for Green Go Food”

  1. I will miss this little gem. This spot was transformed from a dreary little corner into a vibrant, cheery spot. I'm glad that the owners are pursuing their dream of farming — and I hope you get to take Cypress to San Francisco! Best wishes to your family!!

  2. The lack of parking doesn't help anybody who tries their luck at that spot. It'll be interesting to see just what's next. Imagine that, owning a business is really hard work. Too bad we can't get decent people like these folks to run the library.

  3. Best of luck to you, Heidi & Dylan! It was a pleasure getting to know you and we hope you find everything you're looking for on the farm. Sounds exciting! Sean & Emily

  4. have you been to any library? Are you implying that the folks that run our libraries are crappy? Owning a business is hard work. Why would these people have any special knowledge that would enhance the running of a public space? I mean what could be much more simple than a food biz? As long as you balance your costs and income. Who where they paying, if anyone, beyond themselves and their suppliers? How would that show experience in operating a much more complicated enterprize such as a libary.

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