Cougar caught in Discovery Park

The cougar that forced wildlife officials to close Discovery Park on Thursday has been caught. Magnolia Voice is reporting that wildlife officials tracked it with dogs and tranquilized it once it was up a tree. The cougar is fine and will be released today. Magnolia Voice has full coverage and photos. The Parks Department has reopened Discovery Park to the public.

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18 thoughts to “Cougar caught in Discovery Park”

  1. Hey they can release in my neighborhood.. :) Pretty cool… during the 4 years I've lived in the sticks I've seen the rear end of one crossing the road and found some tracks by the water… Pretty special animals! Hope they find a good home for it..

  2. I love the Ballard Blog.

    I'm looking for 'what's up with that cougar in Discovery Park?' on the PI and, 'whammo', I get my answer here on the Ballard Blog. ;-)

  3. wow, pretty decent sized kitty.

    i'm very glad this was handled with out killing it.

    i'm very curious how this ends up happening – where are they making their way from??? how could it get to a place like magnolia without anyone noticing? same for the bear… surely they aren't being born in the park.

    anyway. hope nobody lost any pets.

  4. Railroad tracks, greenbelt, there's a few ways for an animal like this to travel long distances and not be noticed, especially at night.

  5. The “cougar” joke was amusing the first few times, but ok, we got it, har har, can we move on now?
    Really, a joke isn't funny after this many times.


    Gotta break out the Looney Tunes DVDs now……….

    Anyone missing a cat, a small dog ……….?

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