New design studio & showroom on Ballard Ave

A new design studio and showroom opens today on Ballard Ave, just in time for Saturday’s Art Walk.

White Sage Studio opens in the beautiful, bright space that Greener Lifestyles vacated this spring (5317 Ballard Ave). The studio, with interior designer Erin Langan and architect/artist John Fleming, will focus on sustainability. (Langan recently worked on the Silver LEED certified Hotel Terra Jackson Hole.) The gallery space in the front will be a showroom for local artists, as well as a retail space for Meyer Wells furniture. At tonight’s Art Walk, Fleming will be showing his art called “Sign Language” at a reception from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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5 thoughts to “New design studio & showroom on Ballard Ave”

  1. Great to see John Fleming's spectacular show in the great new gallery in a great neighborhood…..more power to him, to the gallery and the neighborhood…hope to see more Fleming soon!

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