Police investigating racial slur after explosion

According to the Seattle 911 blog, fire crews responded to NW 63rd & 26th Ave NW last week after a small explosion. The blog cites a police report that says a small incendiary device, such as a firework, was found inside a small plastic bucket with some garbage. The bucket had a racial slur scrawled on it which police took as evidence. Neighbors told police, according to the report written by Officer Jeffrey Swenson, that it was a quiet neighborhood and one neighbor told the officer that there had been no recent racial disturbances. One witness saw the suspects and gave their descriptions, but police didn’t find anyone after doing a check of the area.

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  1. Huh. I wonder what the slur was. I was walking on 62nd or 63rd near 28th the other day and I saw that some [redacted] individual had written something like “Learn the Language of our Land” on a green metal power transformer (?) in a parking strip. Can't remember if that was the exact wording.

    So maybe there's someone in that neck of the woods who has some serious xenophobia issues.

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