Seahawk surprises Loyal Heights students

Hundreds of students at Loyal Heights Elementary gathered in the cafeteria this morning for a top secret assembly. Even the teachers were clueless, “What’s going on here?” one teacher asked us. When everyone was settled down, Stan Emert with Symetra Financial announced that second and third grade teacher Ellen Saltsman was a “Hero in the Classroom.”

Symetra has teamed up with the Seahawks to recognize just 24 teachers in the Seattle School District. First-year Loyal Heights principal Wayne Floyd nominated the seventh year teacher and told the students, “She’s a great teacher because she loves her kids, works hard to prepare the lessons and she doesn’t give me any trouble.” Saltsman said she was shocked and surprised. “This is really nice,” Saltsman told the group, “There are so many great teachers at this school and I’m really lucky here because I have a lot of great role models.”

Saltsman was given a 12th man Seahawks jersey, a $350 gift card to Office Max and two tickets to the October 11th game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Before the game she’ll have field access and watch the players warm up. The kids ooh’d and aah’d when they heard she’ll be up on the Hawk Vision screens.

But the biggest surprise was when Seahawk running back Justin Forsett came in. “I’m here today to say thank you to Ms. Saltsman and all you teachers for all you do,” he said and gave Saltsman the plaque.

The kids got to ask Forsett questions like, “Does it hurt when you get hit by the linebackers?” (it depends on how much the guy weighs) and “Does it hurt when you get hit by the ball?” (no).

Because Saltsman has been given this award, the school now has a chance to win $20,000 through the Symetra “Heroes in the Classroom” program.

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27 thoughts to “Seahawk surprises Loyal Heights students”

  1. Thanks for posting this story! What a great surprise for the kids and Mrs Saltsman, she is a fabulous teacher! I can't wait to hear all about it from my child tonight.

  2. Why can't these guys either wear the hat right or, better still, not wear one at all? Hats on backward, hats on sideways, posing in “Trucker” caps…….what kind of Jughead world have we been so casually lead into?

  3. Why would you bring a negative comment into this! Big Raspberry to you.

    Congratulations Mrs Saltsman! Great accomplishment and fun for the kids.

  4. wearing a baseball cap backwards is a perfectly acceptable manner of donning this sort of chapeau.

    And is that Jughead Jones you're also trying to slam? I suppose you live in a world of Veronica Lodges and Reggie Leeches? I pity you.

  5. I guess what I meant to say was, “Hats off to you, Mrs. Saltsman, as I know what it's like to be a kid going to a (or any) public school in Ballard.”

  6. pretty cool story – must have been a thrill for the kids, and the teacher too i'd guess! good for her….i don't have kids but its still a welcome positive story.

    nice work!

  7. Our son had the fabulous Mrs. Saltsman back when she was Miss Grady — and she is indeed fantastic. Congratulations, Ellen!!

    And while we're on the subject, hats off to ALL of the warm and caring staff at ALL of our fantastic Ballard schools!

  8. Love to see my great niece and nephew in the photo! What a great way to include the kids AND recognize what must be an amazing teacher! Go LOYAL HEIGHTS!!!

  9. Stage looked just like it did in the early 70's!
    The painting of a beaver/chipmunk/squirrel/whatever rodent on the wall in the gym/lunchroom sure wasn't there back in my day (think Nixon administration).
    I take it milk not 5 cents anymore.
    Congrats to the teacher!!!

  10. They got the right teacher! (Although there are tons of good teachers at LH.) Way to go Ms Saltsman! She's what God meant when He/She invented teachers.

  11. When I visited Mrs. Saltsman this summer (from Pennsylvania) I knew she must be a great teacher. Everywhere we walked kids and parents came up to her to say hello! Congratulations Mrs. Saltsman!!!

  12. Why does the school system waste money putting linebacker dreams into kids heads when they should be bringing in local farmers weekly for dreams of skills to fulfill future survival

  13. Probably because having a pro athlete at your school is fun. Bring in a farmer to fulfill future survival? Do you farm to survive? Not many people are subsistance farmers anymore, this comment is out of leftfield!

  14. Congratulation to Ms Saltsman. My friends kids had her and loved her. Great to see someone at Loyal Heights awarded! I work at Symetra and live three blocks from the school.

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