Traffic ‘circle’ coming to 9th Ave & NW 60th

Two years ago a Neighborhood Street Fund grant was approved for a traffic circle at the intersection of 9th Ave NW and NW 60th St. “There were concerns over effectively constructing a traffic circle at this oddly shaped intersection, and so alternatives were pursued,” says Dawn Heminger with the East Ballard Community Association.

The alternatives didn’t work out so earlier this year, during the East Ballard walking tour, Heminger created a “human traffic circle” in the intersection to show the Seattle Department of Transportation that although it had been two years, the neighbors still want a traffic circle.

The designs are for an oblong traffic “circle” to help slow traffic at this intersection. “Until now, NW 60th did not have any traffic calming measures between 8th and 15th and it is often used for traveling between these two arterials,” Erin Alving tells us.

Not everyone is happy about the upcoming project. “I’m just furious about this,” one neighbor told us. She’s lived near the intersection for forty years and says that while people speed, this isn’t a good solution. She says the neighborhood will lose parking spots because, she believes, parked cars will be side-swiped by drivers if they’re too close to the intersection. She wonders if speed bumps would be a more appropriate method to slow cars. “I’ve never seen a major accident at this intersection. Years ago I saw a fender bender, but that’s it,” she tells us. Despite the opposition, we’re told that work will start on the “circle” tomorrow.

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25 thoughts to “Traffic ‘circle’ coming to 9th Ave & NW 60th”

  1. People are complaining about traffic circles in their neighborhood? I will gladly take the resources and transfer them to the corner by my house. They can even make it whatever shape they fact, I would encourage something more creative than a boring ol' circle..

  2. Hello? Cars should not be parked too close to the intersection whether there's a traffic circle or not. If a car is parked close enough to be side-swiped there are other issues as well. A car parked that close is likely blocking the view for cross traffic as well as pedestrians, thus making it less safe for all.

  3. Nnnnot when the one resident on that corner owns about 7 cars…I am glad that something is done at this intersection. People haul ass down this street, not even looking if anyone is coming. I have seen way too many close calls there.

  4. Dear Erin,

    Living somewhere for 40 years doesn't mean your voice is more important than the majority of the neighbors who desire a traffic calming solution. Regardless of the street width, cars get swiped and there is plenty of parking, but never enough to please everyone.

  5. That is a very weird intersection, and I've personally caught myself “hauling ass” thru it faster than I should be a couple times. I think the shape of the traffic “circle” is perfect for the shape of the intersection and makes perfect sense.

    I for one welcome our new traffic circle overlords, etc.

  6. Why don't people get that they need to yield to traffic on the roundabout? I can't even count the number of times I've almost hit someone and then got a rude look when they didn't yield.
    And please don't stop on the roundabout. That's just silly

  7. people don't obey them that's what's wrong w/them. physical barriers are more effective. they usually annoying to people who don't stop at stop signs or yield at yield signs.

  8. The Erin quote gives me the impression that she is for the circle. I believe the 40 year resident is a different “anonymous” person. The separate paragraph helps to indicate this.

  9. To clarify, I am not the 40 year resident (been there 9 years) and I am very excited to finally have a traffic oval at this intersection! We need to keep ourselves, our kids, and our pets safe from fast-driving cars.

  10. Not anymore than anyone else who lives there.

    One owner, one vote. And too bad it's not just one car! Parking permits and zoned parking should clear that right up.

  11. Damn skippy! A traffic circle is a minor inconvenience for drivers but makes all the difference to people walking through a neighborhood. I have seen drivers have to slow down and pay attention going around a traffic circle. It makes a difference.

  12. Dangerous??

    Are you kidding? If you can't manage to avoid hitting a large stationary object at low speeds you have absolutely NO business being behind the wheel! In fact there should be a rule that if you hit a traffic circle you automatically lose your license.

  13. It's not a roundabout – at least not as the rest of the planet defines a roundabout. Real roundabouts are much larger and are specifically designed to NOT slow traffic down. In fact, the whole purpose of a real roundabout is to eliminate stop signs/traffic lights and to keep traffic moving in all directions. They'd be a great way to reduce gridlock here in Seattle were it not for the fact that people don't seem capable of sharing the roads and watching where they're driving!

  14. Why does the word “circle” have quotation marks around it in the article title? Should I take a screen-shot and send it to the Useless Quotation Blog?

    maybe the whole “traffic circle” should have quotes then?

  15. I am so glad to see this finally coming together. I have had *many* close calls crossing 9th on 60th – people just fly down 9th, and it's really hard to see around that corner when heading West. Thanks, Erin, for all the work you have put into this, and congratulations.

  16. The city does a great service by installing traffic circles. Those who are annoyed must be driving too fast, or be of limited driving ability.

    If McGinn is elected mayor, look for more. Mallahan, fewer.

  17. “If McGinn is elected mayor, look for more. Mallahan, fewer.”

    What has either stated that would lead you to state this? Or are you just sharing your unsubtantiated opinion?

  18. Do you have anymore photos of this intersection showing the Monkey Puzzle tree on the SE corner? I'm working on a blog story about the tree. Thanks.

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