Husky Coach Steve Sarkisian live from Ballard

The Huskies pulled off what may be one of the greatest upsets in school history last Saturday when they beat the third-ranked USC Trojans. According to a Seattle Times poll, fans say this win was bigger than the “Whammy in Miami.”

The winning field goal was kicked as the final seconds ticked off the clock and then in a blink of an eye the field was swarming with Dawg fans. As the Huskies prepare for their first away game of the season at Stanford, first-year Coach Steve Sarkisian will be answering fan questions tonight at Anthony’s at Shilshole. The 950 KJR Husky Coach’s Show will air live from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Play-by-play guy Bob Rondeau and KJR’s Mike “Gasman” Gastineau will sit down with the coach and talk about last week’s big win, the upcoming game and everything else Husky Football.

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23 thoughts to “Husky Coach Steve Sarkisian live from Ballard”

  1. It was an epic win. Looking forward to the rest of the season. The Huskies are now in the same position as USC was -in letdown mode.

  2. Not sure what to say, I like the intensity Steve has brought to the Huskies….but I've wondered if Sarkisian and Holt's decision to leave USC was in part due to the looming NCAA sanctions of the USC football program, and wonder what part of Pete's ways they will bring to Seattle.

    Sure Steve left for an obvious promotion, but Holt took a 150,000 pay cut to come up here.

  3. Agreed. Many people forget the LA does have a professional team and the NCAA investigation is still ongoing. When Bush took forever to get his first NFL touchdown, I always reminded everyone it wasn't his first “professional” touchdown.

  4. Not sure if Holt took a pay cut. Remember Pete is a control freak when it comes to defense; doubt if Holt ever got to call a game. Now he,s his own man.

  5. UW is going to stomp WSU this year. After the Huskies first few possessions against LSU, and seeing that intense crowd, my first thought was WSU is screwed this year. I'm no champion of either team, but UW looks very sharp.

  6. I have no doubt you are at a loss when attempting to understand football. I'm hitting the like button, because few would be honest enough to admit to the world they do not understand such a simple concept.

  7. >>>first-year Coach Steve Sarkisian will be answering fan questions tonight at Anthony’s at Shilshole. <<<

    Shilshole is considered Ballard.

    And when did you ever expect commentary to actually be relevant to the entry on this blog?

  8. Because it will bring in more donations from alumni who haven't paid attention to the university until seeing it on SportsCenter. Next question.

  9. I feel sorry for anyone who did not have the financial facilities (or perhaps academic prowess?) to know the proper use of the word “who” after the word “anyone.”

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