Have a voice in new development

The city is looking to appoint twelve new volunteers to the Design Review Board, one of several citizen-led groups the Mayor and City Council have put in place to review major neighborhood development projects.

The committee as a whole is divided into several districts and each board is composed of five members who represent: design professions; development interests; general community interests; local business interests; and local residential interests. Board members volunteer about 12-14 hours a month, including twice-monthly meetings. The northwest district is looking to replace two retiring members with development interests and local residential interests.

“We are looking for professionals in the design and development fields, who have proven skills and established careers. We also need community and business leaders with an interest in shaping new development in their neighborhoods, and a passion for keeping Seattle a great place to live, work and play,” said Mayor Nickels in a press release.

Applications (.pdf) are due December 10th. The two-year volunteer term begins on April 10, 2010.

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3 thoughts to “Have a voice in new development”

  1. Remember when you apply to state how you want everything to blend in with the community but hate how everything looks the same.

  2. SPG cracked me up. I was interested and considered volunteering for a while.
    1. But as I don't have clients or businesses paying me to 'volunteer' I am not as motivated. Turns out some people on these types of committees have conflicts of interest between the neighborhood committees they CHAIR and/or co-chair, and the companies and organizations they represent professionally. Unfortunately I have no clients whose interests would benefit me volunteering. I started a thread about a specific instance after phone calls and research about….wait for it….the Missing Link.
    2. I absolutely hate having others create a situation that I don't like and having to step in later to fix, save, take BLAME. Not much left to do of real importance in the future of Ballard as those decisions were made years ago and we are living it. All that's left is to argue about the color of the drapes.
    3. complaining on the interweb is much more convenient and will get the same results. I wasn't born cynical but sure was pushed to it.

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