Feedback on Neighborhood Plan released

All summer citizens were asked to attend meetings and fill out an online survey to help the city determine how neighborhoods were doing a decade after the Neighborhood Plan was published.

The Ballard/Crown Hill neighborhood was quite involved with a total of 901 surveys completed, more than any other single neighborhood. Residents also gathered for a community meeting to discuss the status of the neighborhood.

The Seattle Planning Commission has just released the results of the feedback. According to the executive summary (.pdf), Ballard and Crown Hill residents are overall impressed with the changes that have been made, although Crown Hill residents feel that their area has largely been ignored. “In Crown Hill, people want basic public amenities, including sidewalks and better transportation opportunities, as the starting point,” the report reads. Most people believe the redevelopment of Ballard’s downtown core was a success and residents expressed appreciation for the new library, new public open spaces, Ballard’s walkability and the vibrancy of its business district, including the Sunday Market. Concerns include “safety, affordability and access issues.”

The work isn’t done yet. The Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee and the Seattle Planning Commission are holding a second round of community meetings next month. They want to determine priorities and new issues before presenting the final Status Reports and a State of the Neighborhood Report to the City Council and Mayor. The community meeting for our area is on November 12th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the cafeteria of North Seattle Community College. (Thanks Amy!)

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6 thoughts to “Feedback on Neighborhood Plan released”

  1. sounds to me like the 901 people who filled that out in ballard are the same 901 that complain on here. I could have filled that out for everyone with a few reads on the forum.

  2. One of my favorite things about the city of Seattle is that it supports its neighborhoods. Glad to see our area is giving them feedback.

    @pablo96 The only person I've met from the neighborhood commission is Stella Chao, the director, who a) seems awesome and b) is not Caucasian.

  3. @Ballardeer:

    -Stella Chao now lives in S.F., she's been there for a while now.
    – There are no minorities represented on the SPC.
    – I'm not questioning individual character of the present members, my question has no implications (nor bearing) on the quality of work of the present members, just stating the disproportionate representation.

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