Another business closed on 65th

A year ago, the stretch along 65th Ave just east of 8th was booming. But that’s recently changed. Last month Tigertail was shut down by the Washington Department of Revenue and Il Giardino closed this summer.

Now, the EZ Wash Coin Laundry is closed. There are two signs on the door. In bold letters, one sign says “CLOSED until further notice for maintenance & repairs.” The other is from the King County Sheriff’s Office stating that the tenants have been evicted. Jessica emailed us after talking with the owner of another business on 65th and says that the building’s owner may be working with a new tenant who may fix up the machines and reopen.

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  1. Oh no! There used to be a laundry on 24th right below 65th as well. It was great to take in large items like sleeping bags or duvets. I suppose it will become another bar of Pho restaurant.

  2. Nicks? They shut down the business and tore down the building so they could cash in on the land…not sure how well that worked out for them.
    Before demolition they actually put up a sign “Would the last small business in Ballard please turn off the lights?” which I thought was disingenuous since they opted to sell out and weren't being pushed out at all.

  3. I have used this laundry twice to clean large blankets. The first time there, I witnessed a drug deal. The second time, a fight broke out between two men who were not in there to do laundry and scared the living daylights out of me. Thankfully a high capacity washer/dryer at my disposal means I no longer have to go there. I hope a more vibrant business opens on that corner.

  4. EZ Wash opened in that location in the mid 1980's, after losing its lease next door to the InBin restaurant on the corner of 8th and Market. The original owner also owned the laundry just below 65th on 24th. Other members of the same family opened the first coin laundry in Seattle in the mid 1950's. Owners who started EZ Wash sold out in 1989. Several owners and the Sonic commercial set in the same laundromat followed. Tough business in which to make a living.

  5. The son actually opted to sell if I remember correctly. The dad did not want to sell but had retired and was no longer the decision-maker. I imagine it was the elder who posted the sign since the sons didn't seem very upset. From what I understand, the reason it was vacant for so long was because when they tore down the building they found that there were still old oil or gas tanks from when the land had been a gas station or something along those lines. And they needed to do have those removed before the land would be worth anything.

  6. Can anyone tell me what's up with that storefront across the street from these shuttered businesses – the one that appears to have a private gym inside? What's that all about?

  7. You can always use Seattle's Nicest Coin Laundry up on 85th.

    I used to live at this intersection. It certainly has improved since 1990 (yeah, Cafe Bambino!), but ever since the Safeway left, it's been struggling.

    What's up with C'est Moo?

  8. I heard, from the bartender at the Tin Hat I think, that it was a private gym for Seattle Police Officers, not operated by the SPD, but used by off duty cops.

  9. I love Renick printing and have used them quite a bit for promotional materials for my 2 businesses. They'd been planning to sell and move for quite a while and in 2008 even offered to sell the business to me! I found it quite funny. I hear that they're doing well and are happy in their new digs.

  10. It has reopened as Lunar Laundry. Come by and see the cean facilities with large capacity washers and fast dryers. We provide free wifi and reading materials while you wait. Soap and beverage machines as well as a bill changer are available.

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