Downtown boutique to open in Ballard

Encanto Barcelona, a five-year-old boutique in Downtown Seattle is expanding.

Owner Jimmy Hasson bought the high-end store earlier this summer and changed the focus of the place. “The focus of Encanto Barcelona is a stylish, modern place to shop for value-oriented (read affordable) clothing for men and women,” according to the write-up by NorthWest Source. Hasson says there’s still work to be done on the space that Kavu (5423 Ballard Ave) moved out of earlier this summer, so he doesn’t want to give and opening date for fear of anxiety setting in. He tells us that his plan is to open within the next two weeks. (Thanks Shelby for the email!)

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10 thoughts to “Downtown boutique to open in Ballard”

  1. “God damn yuppie hipsters, moving in and ruining Ballard!! What do I care about stylish clothes?! I'm old and crotchety – the sweaters and crocs I already have suit me just fine, thank you!”

  2. Awesome stuff at their downtown store on 1st. It's a stretch calling it “value-oriented” when their standard shirts run $80+…But nice threads!

  3. Like every other boutique in Ballard, it's going to be EXPENSIVE. I went to the downtown one awhile back out of curiosity and immediately ran out because of their price tags. I'm 30, have a well paid “safe” job and still I wonder who is buying this stuff and how these stores stay open.

    To each his/her own, I guess.

  4. I truly hope they make it, though I probably can't afford to shop there. However, I just scored some very nice threads at the Crown Hill Value Village today, so what I can afford is to be magnanimous.

  5. Value and cheap are not the same thing. Things can be expensive and still be a good value and yes, they can also simply ridiculously over priced (which admittedly, most of these boutiques are!) If all you want is cheap head to Wal-Mart and buy poorly built, poorly fitted clothes made in some Bangladeshi sweatshop that will fall apart in a year or two. Personally, I prefer a wardrobe that is smaller but of better quality than a large wardrobe of cheaply made and poorly fitted clothes but to each their own. I've happily paid over $100 for a pair of wool pants which were custom tailored to fit me and have held up for over a decade. I'd love to see The Gap or Fred Meyer tailor clothes you buy from them!

  6. I understand the difference between value and cheap. I just had a dress made for me by a young Ballardite for $80. Just because I can't and won't pay that much for a shirt doesn't mean I shop at Wal-Mart.

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