Color added to the Adams playground

The kids at Adams Elementary have a few new games on playground thanks to the Department of Neighborhoods grant and some weekend volunteers.

During the work party, “we added hopscotch games from Britain, Nigeria, China and Bolivia and painted our US map,” Alison Krupnick emailed us. Along with the paint on the ground, there is also a bright new wall ball mural. This is in addition to the playground equipment installed last spring and the new mural along the school wall.

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6 thoughts to “Color added to the Adams playground”

  1. My brother recently forwarded a video of my niece playing on one of these maps at a park near their home in Maryland. It was impressive to see that she knew where Seattle was among other places across our country! Clearly it's a great education tool. I'm glad that kids in our 'hood have one of these maps now to enjoy!

  2. This is totally cool…but…the fact that playground maps virtually NEVER show Canada is a big thorn in my side. I guess it's all about the good ol' USA as the center of the universe…

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