New playground goes up at Adams

Adams Elementary parents are busy building the new play structure.

Earlier this month the old jungle gym was torn down to make room for this new structure. Adams dad Guy Michaels says that this new playground equipment is about four years in the making. He says that they’re trying to bring soul to the outside the school that’s so prevalent on the inside. The mural out back, the new sign in front and now this artsy play structure will help change that. He’s also busy designing and working on a new rain garden that will change the front of the school. (More on that in the near future.)

The parents got the funding through a Department of Neighborhood grant, but that didn’t cover the entire cost. They’ve had a lot of help from Adams dad and landscape architect Mark Brands, whose business Site Workshop, has donated thousands of dollars in work. And of course they couldn’t have done it without the countless hours in time that so many parents have donated.

It’s been a busy weekend for Adams. Yesterday was the silent auction for the school and mom Rachel Hart Rios tells us that the totals aren’t in but it’s looking like they raised more money than anticipated. “It’s been a great weekend to be a Ballard resident,” beamed Adams mom Alison Krupnick, who is one of the parents to spearhead the project.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work guys….wanted to make it today but couldn't! Drove by and it looks really good. The kids are going to go crazy next week in school waiting for it to open!!!

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