Big turnout at Ballard’s annual trick or treat

Hundreds of families descended on Central Ballard again this year for the neighborhood’s annual trick-or-treat tradition.

We snapped a few photos of the kids.

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9 thoughts to “Big turnout at Ballard’s annual trick or treat”

  1. I handed out candy at work last night. Very few kids said “Trick or Treat”, almost none said “Thank you” – even with the parents standing there. Some were downright rude, one even interrupting while I was talking to a *paying customer* to ask “Do I have to WAIT for my CANDY?” I resisted the urge to throw it at him.

    It was really a depressing experience…

  2. I really thought the Crocodile one was really cute and a great job of making it by his parents Brian Morgan & Kristen. Solly looked like he was enjoying everything. Thanks to the Ballard Blog.

  3. I miss the good old days when kids went door to door in neighborhoods. I hate these business districts and malls co-opting the experience. It's a thinly veiled sales ploy.


  4. I agree. I stayed home so that the kids who did go through the neighborhood would at least enjoy a few homes that welcomed them. We had, MAYBE, 10 kids come by. Each year it has been fewer and fewer. Very sad.

  5. My friends in Wedgewood got over 100 kids. My friend up on 74th got two. I got none. Most of the kids I saw on Market Street were very tiny, under 5 years old. Where are all the rest of the kids? I grew up in Sunset Hill; all of us neighborhood kids went out trick-or-treating until we dropped of exhaustion. (some of those hills below 34th are pretty steep.) If anything, there are more, not less small children in the neighborhood. What's up with that?

  6. Well, that's a sad tale, When I worked at UVillage a few years ago, I was pretty creeped out at the 16 year old trick-or-treating. But they all said thank you.
    I blame the parents. These kids are going to be a delight when they grow up, aren't they?

  7. We went around the houses (25th-27th x 67th to 76th). There were defintely other kids, more would have been nicer, but we saw a bunch of great costumes. I think one issue is that trick and treating is so huge at olympic manor that a lot of people go up there instead of around the houses at ballard. But my kids got tons of candy (and most the time they said Trick or Treat and thank you without me yelling at them) and a vast majority of houses were serving stuff up.

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