Your Halloween photos

From wacky costumes and cute kids to tricked-out houses, many of you sent us some great Halloween photos. We’ve posted many of them below, and you can send more to Thanks, everyone!

Gabriel (who happens to be a professional photographer) sent us this adorable shot of his son Baron out trick-or-treating.

Kristen shot this “hot dog” in Ballard, and she has more pics here.

This home is at NW 67th Street and 17th Ave NW, snapped by Aidan.

“Every year this house gets better and better,” Aidan says. “(This photo) shows that Frankenstein has made some hot apple cider for the kids and a hot cider/wine mix for the parents braving the cold rainy night.”

Trick-or-treaters being entertained on Ballard Ave. Photo by Forest.

“Here’s a photo of my 18-month old son Isaac, dressed as an old man, surrounded by the crowd in Ballard,” writes Royal.

Jeannette sent us these photos of the kids out trick or treating.

“Max Devonport, beer rep for Columbia Distributors, strolled around Ballard in his PBR can costume!” writes Meghan, who took this photo on her iPhone.

Mark snapped these photos in Old Ballard.

Scarecrows in front of a Ballard home, photographed by Silver. More of her photos here, with lots of Jack-o-lanterns.

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

5 thoughts to “Your Halloween photos”

  1. Those are all neat photos. I like the one in Silver's collection of the skeleton parts in the leaves the best. There was a cute pet cemetery in a yard near Whittier Elementary but alas I wasn't good about carrying around my camera this Halloween.

  2. The best costume out there was this little 4 year old-ish child in an astronaut costume. While the costume was good, the best part was that the kid was walking slowly, as if he/she was on the moon, the entire time! The poor parent was trying to coax their child along to no avail. It was awesome!

  3. Up on Capitol Hill we had 2 Space Needles! Very different looking, but you could definitely tell what they were. ;-)

    A couple of times I tried to guess what some young child's costume was. “Are you a Transformer? Are you a Power Ranger?” Oh, the scathing looks! “I'm a (insert obscure comic book or computer game character here)”

    Jeeze! I'm so last year!

  4. Even the adults were a little obscure. There was a guy at Baranof's dressed head to toe in bright green spandex. None of us knew who or what he was supposed to be. My best guess was a blade of Spring grass.

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