Get in shape for The Seattle Turkey Trot

This Thanksgiving don’t just pig out, lace up for the third annual Seattle Turkey Trot and help raise money for the Ballard Food Bank.

The 5K fun-run (or walk) starts at 9 a.m. at the intersection of 32nd Ave NW and NW 85th, heads south on 32nd (jumps over to 34th @ 80th for the southbound leg) and ends at Golden Gardens. Organizers chose this route for the view of the Olympics and the path along the water. “In my family it was a tradition to go for a run on Thanksgiving morning,” says Erin Fortier, one of the organizers. “It was a way to spend time with family on the holidays and feel better about all the food we’d be eating for the rest of the day.”

Last year more than two-hundred people participated and $2,500 was donated to the food bank. This year they’re hoping for five-hundred participants and hope to raise $6,000 for the local charity.

You can sign up for the Trot here. If the run-walk isn’t your thing, organizers are still looking for volunteers.

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7 thoughts to “Get in shape for The Seattle Turkey Trot”

  1. What would you bet, on said thursday that someone posts onto myballard forums that they couldnt get around this giant mob scene on 32nd (or etc) due to the race. I notice in the FAQ on the page they arent even stopping traffic. That should be entertaining.
    Still. I'll lace up my shoes and go running in the morning. Sounds like a super fun time and for a good cause.. thats near and dear to my heart.

  2. You can't turn on NW 80TH street to 34Th AVE. 80TH ends at essentially 33RD AVE NW, or if you choose a dead end. You could continue down 32ND to 77TH however. That's the northern access to Sunset Hill Park.

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