Rain garden construction begins at Adams

The front of Adams Elementary is a construction zone as crews start working on the rain garden.

Jay and Andrew from Joplin Concrete have been working on the project since last Friday and are sure happy to see the sun. They hope to pour the concrete next week if they get some special steel pieces in and if it’s not raining too hard. The project is designed by Guy Michaelson and David Minnery and will not only harvest the rain, but will be a learning tool for students once it’s finished. This addition to the front of the school comes on the heels of the new playground equipment that was installed by parent volunteers earlier this year.

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2 thoughts to “Rain garden construction begins at Adams”

  1. Are there any drawings available of what the finished project will look like?

    Any chance that there is any coordination with the big roadside rain project occuring in Ballard? And, how is the project being funded?

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