Bear, cougar and now a coyote in Magnolia

The bear swam to Ballard. The cougar got caught in Discovery Park. And now a coyote is making various appearances in Magnolia. Our sister site, MagnoliaVoice, is posting photos from neighbors, like this one:

“It is good sized, appears healthy and doesn’t appear to be the least bit skittish about humans in its immediate vicinity,” explains a neighbor.

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10 thoughts to “Bear, cougar and now a coyote in Magnolia”

  1. Coyotes get a bad rap for eating the occasional pet, but they mostly eat critters we don't want–rats and mice, for example. They're everywhere in cities–even in Chicago, there's 3000 of them–are they're credited with keeping vermin populations low.

  2. Very true. Coyotes are urban beasts. Not sure what the surprise is, as I have seen many in Ballard over the years. Los Angeles also has a substantial population.

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