Overturned car wakes neighbors early this morning

Early this morning, police and fire responded to the corner of NW 57th St and 11th Ave NW for reports of an overturned vehicle.

Carolyn emailed us this photo and says, “Woke up to a noise and found this in front of our neighbor’s house, just before 1am Thursday. Six police cars and two fire trucks arrived. No skid/brake noises heard, only a loud scraping sound.” We spoke with Dana VanderHowen with the Seattle Fire Department this morning who tells us that they did not transport anyone to the hospital and she believes there were no serious injuries. (Thanks Carolyn!)

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16 thoughts to “Overturned car wakes neighbors early this morning”

  1. Actually, there were 14 (yes, you read that correctly, 14!) vehicles that responded. And it wasn't as entertaining as those posting here make it out to be. It was 12:30 a.m. and it took a long, long time for the “emergency” vehicles to get out of our little street–they all drove in, but just couldn't seem to figure out how to get out when they weren't needed. (Yes, I thank them for responding, just can't figure out why 14 vehicles needed to respond.) The driver was unhurt, lucky for her, and seemed to spend most of the time sitting on the sidewalk talking on her cell phone.

    We were all very happy when her vehicle came to a rest that it didn't crash into a house.

    But a very long night for 57th–I'm sure it was a long night for the young woman as well, but since the police and all of us felt there was no “impairment” as in drugs or alcohol involved, we just have to “assume” she was trashing on her cell phone.

    And why would anyone want to blur the license plate? Those who love her are grateful she's alive, and the the rest of us are too–but let's have her license removed.

    Oh, yes, she trashed another car before flipping over.

    Way to go, young woman!

  2. What???? Where did the comment come from “Asian?”

    Do you mean me, or the driver, or the others that posted before me???

    Please, do explain yourself. Can't think of any explanation that will condone the question (or, indeed, the thought), but you can try.

  3. In general, it's better to send too many units and then cancel them if they're not needed rather than send too few and then have to wait for them to respond. The response was dispatched as a “Heavy Rescue” response. The call takers at the Fire Alarm Center received information that made the incident fall into this category. For a heavy rescue response, the SFD technical rescue team and their specialized equipment is sent in addition to the units that would normally be dispatched. The technical rescue team comprised 4 units on this response. It's a tightrope the dispatchers walk trying to send just the right amount of units with imperfect information. They do the best they can.

    Depending upon the information received as to the number of patients, possible injuries, and complexity of extricating the patients (whether or not anyone is entrapped) and position and condition of the vehicle(s) all are criteria in determining how many people and what kind of equipment are needed at an incident like this.

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