The Bit Saloon to reopen under new ownership

The Bit Saloon (4818 17th Ave NW), which was set to close on November 1, but hung on awhile longer, will reopen under new ownership and possibly a new name later this winter or spring.

Jessica Young and Jamie Bernard are signing papers this week to take over ownership of one of Ballard’s oldest bars. “We were looking for a bar in the Ballard or Fremont area because we really like the neighborhood,” Young tells us. “We had the opportunity to do this and we’re really excited,” Bernard added.

Before opening “as soon as possible,” the two are going to give the old bar a facelift. It will be the same bar, just updated a little bit, “a little more cozy,” Young says. Along with the fresh look, they are talking about changing the name from The Bit Saloon to The Two Bit Saloon. “We don’t want to stray to far from the original name,” Bernard tells us.

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21 thoughts to “The Bit Saloon to reopen under new ownership”

  1. Yeah, I like the new name too. I never went into The Bit because it seemed a little rough around the edges. If they can accomplish 'cozy' without sacrificing it's dive qualities I'll be a very happy little barfly.

  2. Updated a little bit? I hope they are being coy. That place could use a major once over, twice.

    Don't stray from the name, stray from the beer soaked floor and get rid of the creepy smokin' shack.

  3. The Bit was quite the place when the guy from Ballard Brothers was running the show there. Yesssirr, you could have a good ol' time there, if you can dig it.

  4. the bit is amazing the way it is…..but i agree it could use some minor updates.
    plz keep live music!!!! the bit was an awesome place to see rock shows.

    and the chalkboard tables were fun too.

  5. Please don't let it become a pretentious spot like many along Ballard Ave. have become over the last few years. It can only be a great dive if it is truly a great dive… don't change that!

  6. Do you have contact info for booking? I know it's a lot to think about when you're busy getting stuff ready, but we'd love to bring you a good crowd in your first weeks!

  7. please keep the ping pong table… we can’t find any other spot in the city to replace our old ping pong hang out at the bit…

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