Midnight Blossom, a modern twist to flowers

Ballardites Matt and Amoreena Herbage have just opened a new flower shop in Ballard.

This is a flower shop, but Midnight Blossom is not your traditional bouquet-type shop with carnations, lilies and roses. It’s best described as a botanical design studio. Amoreena makes art with the flowers and plants that she uses and Matt has a woodshop in the back where he does the woodwork for the shop (such as the lamp on the wall below).

Midnight Blossom started out a few years ago as a wedding floral studio in the Herbage’s kitchen, but has since grown into a thriving business. “The overall goal is to create a place here, where we’ll have flowers by the stem and we’ll have things like that, but we want to try to have something you can’t find anywhere else,” Matt says. The couple goes on annual treks to find the stones that Amoreena uses in the pieces. “It really started with what I really like to do, which is go and find things, then make those into something interesting and different incorporating all the elements of the outdoors and bring them in in some sort of way,” she says.

Midnight Blossom (1101 NW Ballard Way) is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Flower delivery is available in the greater Seattle area everyday but Sunday.

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Dave Boyd
Dave Boyd

A “botanical designer” named Amoreena Herbage – now there's an aptronym for you!


I stopped in this store today and it's beautiful. Matt and Amoreena were very helpful and knowledgeable. After looking at some of Amoreena's arrangements, there is no doubt I will be using her for my wedding! I can't wait to shop more at this store, not only for flowers, but for unique gifts. I thought the prices were fair, and the merchandise beautiful.


I stopped in to see the store last evening and it is beautiful. An island of tranquility with touches of beautiful design everywhere. This will be a regular stop of mine as I love to paint flowers and am always looking for new subjects.

I am particularly impressed with their interest in sustainability and local sourcing. They are working with a farm in Mt. Vernon, so are supporting the Skagit Valley, one of my favorite places.