On The Park HVAC system to be dampened

There’s a discussion going on in the forum about the HVAC system on top of the On The Park Apartments, which is also home to the new QFC. Asks schaaster,

I am just curious. Is anyone else being driven crazy by the sound of the HVAC system on the On the Park Apartments? I was hoping at first that it was just construction-related and temporary, but it appears that they have completely quit work on the roof and nothing is changing. I live nearby and the sound permeates the walls of my apartment with my doors and windows closed. It sounds like an airplane is constantly hovering over the top of my building. I took a walk around the neighborhood and realized that it actually gets louder a few blocks away as it echoes off the other structures. I am used to living in somewhat noisy locations and noise usually doesn’t bother me much. This is just permeating and incessant and I have been having a really hard time sleeping because of it. I fear this summer when I need to sleep with the windows open. I haven’t noticed this much noise coming from any of the other large buildings in the area, but maybe I haven’t been paying attention since I don’t live next door to them.

It seems that the developer is aware of the noise. MsBallard30 adds this,

At the Ballard District Council meeting tonight a representative of the developer was there and briefly mentioned the grand opening of the QFC and that leasing will begin in February (studios, 1-2 bedrooms, 15 townhouses, etc.). In response to a question about the HVAC issues, the rep said that the HVAC will be screened and sound dampened, which should help with the noise. She went on to add that the HVAC was for the whole building including the QFC’s refridgeration. I couldn’t tell whether the additional comment was simply informational or perhaps foreshadows an argument they might end up making down the line in the event sound dampening efforts don’t succeed. Who knows. For now, it’s just good to know that they’re working on it.

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  1. It is CRAZY-MAKING. It does sound like a plane is constantly just overhead. I can hear it in my every location of my apartment, and it is, of course, always present in the park. In the summer, when there are more users, everyone will notice this sound. Developer, get to work, please!

  2. Did anyone notice how badly damaged the street pavement got from all the heavy trucks on this project?
    Our buses and garbage trucks are chewing up the pavement all over town, but here's a spot where the damage has noticeably increased during construction of this building.
    Good luck getting developers to mitigage anything once they're out of there.

  3. That noise is non-stop and it is ridiculous. You can hear it blocks away. Sometimes it seems louder the further away you are, as it bounces off buildings in the area. It's disgraceful that this noise was allowed to go on for more than a day.

    Does anyone know which government agency would be the right on to call? I'd like to find a way to push the developer to deal with it now. And to be a good neighbor, which they have not been since day one of this bloated and out of scale development.

  4. We too have noticed that once the mechanical units started at QFC – we could hear them in our house all day and night. So we thought we would send the City a noise complaint. Do not know if it will go anywhere but the more people that lodge a complaint they might come out to investigate. Here is the information in case you feel the same way.


    We have included the web site to file the complaint about the mechanical units on the roof of QFC. The information you will need to fill out the form includes;

    1. The City's project number for the work is #6092334 – I put that information in the description text.
    2. The owners are listed as Ballard Housing Group.
    3. Address is 5700 24th Ave NW.

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