West Woodland celebrating 100 years

One hundred years ago this month West Woodland Elementary School opened its doors to the first students. More than 40 kids in nine 1st through 8th grade classes were the first to attend.

As part of the centennial celebration, students are doing historical research and conducting interviews which will be collected and published in an anthology. The principal, Marilyn Loveness emailed us the following options for those who went to school there or worked there:

  • Offer to be one of the former students or staff that is interviewed by students on January 26th. We will gather at 8:45, tour the school and go to a classroom for an interview.
  • Write a remembrance or story about something that happened at West Woodland and send it to the school via mail or e-mail.
  • Donate pictures or other West Woodland artifacts by bringing them to the office.
  • Contact other alumnae or staff
  • Please mail or e-mail your response to: West Woodland Elementary, 5601 4th Avenue NW, Seattle 98109 or mjloveness@seattleschools.org

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    3 thoughts to “West Woodland celebrating 100 years”

    1. Wow….West Woodland is 100 years old!!!
      Some my fondest childhood memories were the three years I spent there in 4th, 5th, and 6th in the early 70's, which was in the old building.

      It was during a period of my life that was in extreme turmoil, and the staff there seemed genuinely interested in helping me sort thru things and help me succeed during my years there.

      Anna LaCompte was a pure teacher, who embraced teaching and her students individual needs while making our class a team. As I recall I had her for 6th grade.
      We stayed in touch for years and in fact when I married my husband 10 years ago she gifted my husband and I with tickets to the symphony, so we got to see how beautiful Benaroya Hall is!

      My 5th grade teacher – Mr. Entemen (sp) was a character who made learning a unique experience. He was also my school patrol advisor, and somewhere in a box I have either an attendance sheet for the school year, or for school patrol.

      Mr. Sawnson, my 4th grade teacher had a very quiet manner, and was a wonderful teacher.

      Rounding the whole thing out was a counselor or maybe he was vice principal, named Jerry, and the handsome Don Goertzen!!!

      The 3 years I spent at West Woodland helped prepare me for the craziness that comes with Jr high, and gave me some good basic life skills that have helped into adulthood.

      Thanks West Woodland for shaping the person I am today!!!

      Beth (Blank) Hughes

    2. my biggest memory at west woodland was playing on the bars. I was a little daredevil on those bars. Could fly around them without my hands on the bars. I also remember doing PE to popular music at the time.

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