Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday

It’s a little harder to remember when Election Day is now, since King County voters no longer go to an actual polling place, instead voting by mail. So here’s a little reminder: Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, Feb. 9 in order to count.

And King County has removed all but two of its drop boxes, so if you can’t make it to the post office by 5 p.m. Tuesday, you’ll have to drop it into a free drop box at the King County Administration Building, 500 Fourth Ave. in downtown Seattle, or at King County Elections Headquarters, 9010 East Marginal Way S. in Tukwila.

You can also drop it off at one of King County’s three accessible voting centers, including one at Seattle’s Union Station 401 S. Jackson St., until 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

On the ballot in Seattle are two Seattle Public School measures to renew existing Operating and Capital levies.

3 thoughts to “Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday”

  1. I prefer voting in person. Period. Union Station, Tukwilla or downtown is not convenient for me, nor do I like having to pay postage to vote.

  2. I much preferred dropping off my ballot, for no charge. I had to dodge the fella in the orange vest at Bartell Drugs (the library garage was closed), it took minutes off my life, but it was worth it! I find it interesting that it costs so much to maintain those damn drop boxes.

    I don't miss waiting in line to vote. After a long day at work, standing on hardwood flooring for an hour, then realizing that I was in the line of the woman who was having trouble finding people's names on the list. I much prefer doing it by mail, I just think there should be a “no out of pocket cost” option for voters.

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