Watch Sweden play Finland in the Olympics

Here’s the a chance of a lifetime – watch Sweden play Finland in Sunday’s Olympic hockey game. The Swedish Cultural Center still has some tickets and seats on their bus for this Sunday’s (Feb. 21) game. The bus leaves the SCC at 5 p.m. for a 9 p.m. game. The estimated return to the center is 3 a.m. “You can always sleep late that day to have the dream of a lifetime– watch Sweden in the Olympics!” Kristine Leander the Cultural Director for the SCC writes. The cost is $450 per person and includes the tickets and bus ride. You must be a member of the SCC to take advantage of this opportunity. Membership information can be found here. To book your package, call 888-321-3742 x 24. Go Sweden!

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  1. Go Suomi! (Finland)
    I thought this might be fun but realized I would likely end up in the ditch near Ferndale after being forced to eat lingenberry jam and Leverpalt when Finland won.

  2. After going up on Feb 14th for USA-China women's hockey, I want to say: GO NORTH. Even if you can't afford this trip for $450, get in your own car (with a passport or enhanced ID) and head up. Leave here at 6:30 am, hit the border at 8:30 (no cars at all when we did it Sunday) and park by a suburban Vancouver train station or near a direct to downtown bus route. Go down on transit. The downtown core is hopping. It's a great street party even if you don't get tickets to an event. With this amazing weather, walking around soaking everything in is great. I can't find the words to describe how much fun my family had Sunday at first the hockey game and then the downtown (although take snacks b/c the lines at restaurants were long – street food looked great – crepes, poutine, BBQ – but our kids were too tired to eat standing up). Note: if you're going to buy tix from a scalper (there are tons of them), make sure to check the barcode with a venue scanner at the door before you hand over the cash b/c there are a fair number of scams with cancelled bar codes being resold as legit. GO AND HAVE FUN!

  3. Anna – Thanks for the info about going up…we were thinking of doing exactly what you are talking about. I had a chance at tix for Friday night hockey game but thought we would have even more fun just going up and taking it all in. However we were wondering about parking and lines, food, etc. So your input helps. Now I'm really leaning towards going! Wonder if I can find any of those Canadian Olympic red mittens eveyone has?

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