A sweet proposal in Ballard

Now this is one way to ask your sweetie to marry you… with cupcakes.

A couple from Florida who visit Cupcake Royale every time they’re in Seattle had an unforgettable experience on Tuesday. This afternoon these cupcakes were on the bottom shelf of the display case when the two came in. The gentleman got down on one knee and popped the question. She said yes. (Thanks to Kim at Cupcake Royale for sending us the photo!)

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7 thoughts to “A sweet proposal in Ballard”

  1. Nora Bell, not every woman wants a man.

    Even among us straight girls, not every woman wants a man who will propose anything more than a toast. ;-)

    A man with cupcakes is certainly a sweet find though. At least he has good taste!

  2. WOW! That's one of the most creative proposals I've seen. Congratulations! And thanks for choosing a Ballard business to pop the question :-)

  3. Ah, very true.
    And I never plan to say yes to such a question, but if I did it would be because desert was somehow involved. This is a very smart man. :-)

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