Flag football this spring at Interbay

Are you ready from some football? Registration is now open for the MVP Sports League men’s and coed flag football and games will be played at Interbay Athletic Complex (3027 17th Ave. W.)

Formerly known as the Imperial Flag Football League, the group has changed their name to MVP Sports League for their second season.

MVP wants to offer a sports league that provides all the details and benefits that they say other leagues in the area are lacking. They say their teams are geared towards everyone, whether you are an ex college athlete, a weekend warrior or just an average everyday player. They are focusing on men’s and co-ed flag football for now but hope to offer more sports leagues in the future, such as indoor and beach volleyball, softball, basketball and soccer league.

The group holds post-game gatherings at neighborhood bars and large post season awards banquets for members. There will also be weekend tournament’s and special charity fund raising events. Click here to register. (Photos courtesy MVP Sports League.)

6 thoughts to “Flag football this spring at Interbay”

  1. would like to know what separates them from underdog since they want to offer all the details and benefits that others leagues lack.

  2. I would love to play in soccer league where all games are in the city. CO-REC is a good league but I hate driving out to Marymoor for a Wed night game at 9:30pm.

  3. their calling of flag guarding prevents natural running, instead you see people running with their hands up.

    calling any slight contact when either a receiver or defender go for the ball a penalty.

    the cutback blocks and blocking rules don't allow you to run freely.

    obstruction and lowering the shoulder is never a consistent call.

    anti-football might not have been the best wording but the above rules inhibit the game and are a MAJOR source of frustration amongst players in the league.

  4. Hi This is Ric from MVP, What sets us apart from other leagues?

    1. We keep individual and team stats and update the website with this information weekly.

    2. We have photo and video highlights updated weekly.

    3. We have actual down markers and scoreboards so you don't have to keep asking where is the first down and what's the score?

    4. The teams that win the championship tournament get to play for free the next time they play…. who offers this?

    4. and most importantly we use “let them play” rules. after years of playing in other leagues, we were very frustrated with the officiating and lack of consistent procedures, all the comments by a_train are exactly what frustrated us, thus we decided to put together our own league. This is a no contact league but we don't call flag guarding unless it is intentional… we don't call cut back blocking unless it is obviously intentional… etc, and when we do make calls it is done quickly as to allow maximum time for the particpants to get actual “game play” time in.

    We believe all these “details” will set us apart from other leagues in the area… all we can say is come out and give us a try and were sure you will see the difference.

    “Get on the field”

  5. I think it's exciting to see a new organized league like this. Start-up companies are fun to work with because they are trying to get established and still need to prove themselves. I think underdog is a great organization that brings a lot of entertainment and fun recreation for adults who want to remain active be involved in a sporting community. However, I also think that because underdog has been able to climb to the top of the food chain in local recreational sports, some of the passion and involvement has been on the decline.

    From what I know about MVP and the former IFFL league they started in Redmond, the focus is on players having a great experience. They are a new league and they are aiming to impress everyone who signs up to play.

    Todd Stefan, the photographer, is a great guy and takes really awesome pics! Tara Burns and Jamie Coombe, the statgirls, are smart and fun, and the games are called better. While there are still a few arguements over calls, the referees would listen first, then explain the reasoning behind the call and the game would move on. Generally, people would leave the field happier than at most Underdog flag football games.

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