Get your ‘Grown in Ballard’ gear

Playing off the Swedish Medical Center “Born in Ballard” campaign, one local preschool is selling “Grown in Ballard” gear for little Ballard munchkins (and adults.)

The fundraiser is for the Northwest and Crown Hill Toddler’s Preschool, a co-op run by parents that work in association with the class teacher and the North Seattle Community College. Each year the school holds a fundraiser for the central scholarship fund and this year the preschool came up with the “Grown in Ballard” campaign. They’re selling t-shirts for kids ($12 each or $10 each if you buy two or more) in two different color schemes – brown with a lime green logo and raspberry with a brown logo. Onesies ($12) come in three options – pink with brown logo, white with lime green logo and light blue with brown logo. They’re also printing lime green logos on cinnamon-colored Envirosax shopping bags.

If you’re interested in ordering, email Christine at and she will email you the order form. The deadline to order is March 18th and the items should be available mid-April.

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4 thoughts to “Get your ‘Grown in Ballard’ gear”

  1. I grew up in Ballard during the 50's & 60's – are they available in slightly larger sizes? – and its true you can leave Ballard, but Ballard never leaves you.

  2. This would have been so much more charming if they'd used artwork from one of the children–and worked with a graphic designer to make the overall visuals match the cute and clever concept…

  3. I'm all for this “BUYLOCALYOUMONSTER!” type stuff, but I'm not going to buy from you JUST because you're local or JUST because you're family-owned. ESPECIALLY family-owned and operated. All that means is that they won't hire me because I'm not related to them. Nonsense.

  4. elindero, we are working on getting adult sizes. I'll post back soon if we get some.

    Ballardite, you highly overestimate the drawing abilities of 2-3 year olds! I believe a graphic designer did come up with the design, and I think a flower growing does tie into the “grown in ballard” idea. And I personally like the simple design. To each is own I guess.

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