Two Ballard businesses named country’s ‘Best of…’

Ballard’s Bastille Cafe and Bar (5307 Ballard Ave) and Cupcake Royale (2052 NW Market) have some new bragging rights.

The rooftop gardens in May 2009 before Bastille opened.

Bon Appetit magazine has named Bastille as one of the ten best ‘roof to table’ dining experiences in the country. “Seattle Urban Farm Company maintains the heated garden atop this Ballard neighborhood hangout. Even during the colder months, you’re likely to find that the salads, herb-encrusted salmon, and rosemary lemonade are all made with roof-sourced ingredients,” the magazine states.

msn City Guides has named Cupcake Royale’s “Lavendar,” which is lavender-infused vanilla cake with lavender buttercream frosting, as one of the country’s best cupcakes. Owner Jody Hall tells msn that the sweet shop is big into supporting the community. “We donate about 2,000 cupcakes a month,” Hall tells msn. “It feels so great to give back to the great folks that have supported our business for so many years.” (Disclosure: Cupcake Royale is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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9 thoughts to “Two Ballard businesses named country’s ‘Best of…’”

  1. *shrugs* I've been in Cupcake Royale three times, tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. Every time, they were a bit bland and quite dry. Not impressed.

  2. Congrats to Bastille! Sadly, dry cupcakes aren't my thing, so I can't lift my voice in song to that one. It even looks dry in the picture. Hmm.

  3. HAve you tried them recently? I beleive they changed the recipe to make them moister about a year ago now & it really made a difference.

  4. Cupcake Royal “supports the community”? In what way? They do not support the local businesses that support their business. I wanted to place some brochures for a local charity event and under no circumstance would they allow this. One of the staff allowed me to sneak it into the back, but no one could see it there. Also, you won't find any local newspapers in the place. I have had Tully's Coffee and Starbucks bend over backwards to help me. Can't believe a local place like Cupcake Royal won't support the locals who frequent the place

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