14th Ave planter project gets underway next week

By the middle of April, 14th Ave NW will have a little more color thanks to the 27 planters donated to the the East Ballard Community Association by SDOT. In order to get the planters in place the EBCA needs volunteers.

One of the sketches of the park boulevard plan presented to the Ballard District Council in February.

The planter project is the first step in creating a park boulevard along 14th Ave NW north of Market St. The planters will be installed at the north and south ends of each median along this stretch.

Here are the volunteer opportunities (According to the EBCA blog, this info is subject to change) :

  • On Thursday, April 1st at 8 a.m., the EBCA is looking for big trucks, trailers and drivers to help pick up and deliver the 27 planters. The planters are each 5 feet in diameter and 17 inches deep and being stored in south Seattle.
  • On Friday, April 9th, Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel will be delivering and dropping gravel that they’ve donated in the median ends for weed control. The EBCA is looking for volunteers to control traffic during delivery.
  • The gravel needs to be raked on Saturday, April 10th, which the EBCA is guessing won’t take very long.
  • Monday, April 12th is the actual planter placement. The EBCA is looking for strong volunteers to help move the 50 pound planters from a storage area on 14th to their designated locations. Hand truck donations for the morning would be greatly appreciated!
  • The afternoon of Monday, April 12th will be the delivery of potting soil donated by Cedar Grove Compost. The EBCA is once again looking for volunteers to do traffic control during delivery.
  • Saturday, April 17th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is the “April Day Out Planting and Adopt A Street Cleanup.” The EBCA says on their blog, “This will be a fun event for the whole family! Join your neighbors in helping keep our neighborhood streets clean and beautiful. Admire the new planters and get your hands dirty by doing a little planting thanks to plants donated by Swanson’s Nursery and neighbors.”
  • To volunteer, email Dawn Hemminger (eastballard@gmail.com) and let her know which projects you’d like to help out with.

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    8 thoughts to “14th Ave planter project gets underway next week”

    1. The bums are really going to love their new playground.

      Ballard sure does shower them with amenities – no wonder they love this neighborhood so much.

    2. What a waste of money… the only thing realistic about this artist rendition is that the bicylist in the red in the lower right corner isn't yielding to the pedestrian in the crosswalk…. typical.

      Remove the 15 year old trees and “old thyme” street lights and this isn't very impressive.

      Spend the money on improving the road surface (i.e. the road's primary function) before you waste money on this fluff.

    3. I think this “park” idea is just an expensive temporary use of valuable right-of-way. Calling it a “park” will just make it harder to use later for a dedicated bike lane (those “share&kill” things are really, really dumb). The jobless will certainly like it. Maybe I'll go down and watch the traffic and yell at the happy dog poopers. Better yet, how about the monorail? I suggested that they use that area for the station years ago….Oh, right, Seattlites didn't vote for it (thanks a lot Nickels). Now the proposed station land on 15th that I paid for with my taxes, has been sold to developers…I want my $2,000!!!

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