Delancey seeks outdoor seating

You’d never know it by today’s weather, spring is upon us. Mother Nature has already given us a few days of sunshine, although they are few and far between.

We spoke with Brandon Pettit, the owner of Delancey (1415 NW 70th St), who tells us he’s moving forward with plans to expand the popular pizza restaurant to the sidewalk. He had just finished meeting with a representative of the Washington State Liquor Control Board when we spoke with him. That rep. had given him the parameters of what he needs to do to comply with the liquor license. The next step, he tells us, is to move forward with permits from the city. When we ask about timing, he shrugs his shoulder and tells us the permitting process could take a few weeks or a few months.

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7 thoughts to “Delancey seeks outdoor seating”

  1. Whoo hooo glad we don't live around there anymore. I remember when the Guardsman was there. It could get pretty loud and noisy and hard to park in front of our residence.

  2. Now 3 more parties can camp out tables for hours chatting away. I love the food the 2 times I have been there but the last time I went I had to wait for 2 hours. I don't see how that place is going to stay in business with so many hipsters that purchase such inexpensive food, so few tables, and sooo many clientele that hurt business by filling up tables for so long and ordering so little.

  3. It is a great restaurant, and I'm glad to hear they'll be able to provide more seating to patrons who are waiting quite a long time to seat down to eat.

    The crowds at this place continue to surprise me– I expected them to die down after a couple months, but I still see lines around the block at 5pm on some nights. I live a couple doors down, so the impact on our neighborhood is rather bittersweet. I love that we are getting local business, but the parking impact Wednesday-Sunday is a nightmare. I wish Delancey had the means to accommodate its growing crowd of fans, or perhaps extend its hours so the rush wouldn't be so prominent.

    I've only been able to squeeze in there once for dinner, and that's when I came by myself. :)

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