Whales spotted near the Ballard Locks

After a weekend sailing trip, Diana Lind grabbed her video camera when she saw two grey whales near the Ballard Locks Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday DDF wrote in the forum, “Was just at the beach, and a whale swam by very close to the shore. It wasn’t an orca (no dorsal fin), so I guess it must have been a grey whale. It slowly made it’s way toward Carkeek. Pretty cool!”

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13 thoughts to “Whales spotted near the Ballard Locks”

  1. I was there when this was happening and saw the whale. On shore I was also surprised to see a man who looked like John Lennon. The man left before I could talk with him and when I ran after him I was stopped by a man with a radio like earpiece. I believe the guy was a bodyguard which makes me think this really was John Lennon!

  2. The whale was no doubt trying to commute downtown the “green” way, but like so many other Ballard area residents… couldn't safely navigate the train tracks on the “missing link” so he turned around and went back to sea. And possibly pouted about it later on a whale blog somewhere.

    Can't blame him, really. It's one thing to swim under the train tracks on the bridge above, but to go over them on a street??? That's just plain crazy. I mean, honestly… this is a whale! Not a person on a bicycle. A person on a bicycle has many other routes available. The poor, helpless whale does not.

    Finish the “Missing Link” for ALL Ballard mammals!!! I'm sure the new mayor is with me on this! Anyone heard from him lately?

    Seriously, though. That's pretty cool.

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