Sewage overflow options to be discussed tonight

In older parts of the King County sewage system, both rain water and sewage travel down the same pipes to the wastewater treatment plant. During heavy rains, these pipes often overflow sending the untreated water directly into Puget Sound. This is called “Combined Sewer Overflow” or CSO. One of the trouble spots is in the North Beach area.

One of three options to be presented tonight.

Three alternatives to combat CSO in the North Beach area have been identified. The King County CSO Beach Project team is looking for suggestions, concerns and questions from the community. There will be a community meeting on this project on tonight at the Loyal Heights Community Center (2101 NW 77th St) from 6 to 8:30 p.m. If you can’t make it to tonight’s meeting, you can fill out this form until April 16th.

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Why do they call it the “North Beach CFO” when it is so clearly in Blue Ridge? Obviously they must have a better PR firm.