Police activity at Bank of America

Updated: A large contingent of police officers responded to the Bank of America on Market St. and 20th Ave. at 6:30 this evening.

“They all seemed especially interested in the back entrance – not the front entrance on Market,” writes Robby Delaware, who sent us this photo (and more right here.) “Seemed odd, especially since the bank was closed.”

“It appears it was a false alarm,” Detective Mark Jamieson with the Seattle Police Department tells us, “Quite possibly a courier dropping off a bag, tripping the alarm.” (Thanks Robby!)

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4 thoughts to “Police activity at Bank of America”

  1. One of the officers said that through the back door he saw some sort of bag on the floor inside of the bank. I was half asleep at the time, but I think that they did take at least one person into custody. Possibly a juvenile?

    I'll be looking forward to a follow up!

  2. Maybe you shouldn't be snapping pictures while the police are looking for a bank robber. Makes it look like you might be casing the place to see how they respond.

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