Redhook releases new beer with Ballard brew ha-ha

“Ya Sure Ya Betcha” reads the label of Redhook’s newest beer. The popular microbrew giant is honoring its past with its new “Big Ballard Imperial IPA.” It’s no coincidence that Redhook decided to name the beer after our neighborhood, the popular microbrew giant got their start in an transmission shop in Ballard nearly 30 years ago.

To celebrate the new brew, Redhook is throwing a release party on Thursday evening at The Old Pequliar (1722 NW Market St) from 4 to 7 p.m. There will be happy hour prices, music and give-aways, including the chance to win $1,000 Redhook Ale Brewery gift certificate. If you can’t make it to the party, Big Ballard Imperial IPA will be available in 22 ounce bottles and on draught in the Western U.S. beginning late April.

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17 thoughts to “Redhook releases new beer with Ballard brew ha-ha”

  1. I do. The first beer I ever tasted was Ballard Bitter. My dad gave me a sip of his at a BBQ many years ago. I thought it tasted awful and didn't want to drink a beer for years. Good move on Dad's part.

    I'll buy one of these just to get the retro label.

  2. I've been wondering when Red Hook was going to bring that beer back, considering Ballard's growing popularity. Too bad they changed the name – “Ballard Bitter” has such a great ring to it. Quick trivia: what's the name of the guy on the label?

    And… is it true? Do our illustrious webhosts and journalists not know that this is a comeback beer? Say it ain't so!

  3. Hi Girl, The old Ballard Bitter was a “bitter” a British type pale ale.
    Big Ballard is an IPA, (Indian Pale Ale )8.6% Alcohol by Vol.
    Ballard Bitter was a lighter weight beer, I think I remember about 5.6% ABV. Most British bitters and pale ales in the UK are around 5% ABV.
    So beware the Big Ballard one could get completely sloshed on the $3 pints!
    Captain Ballard was William Rankin Ballard, captain the Zephyr that ran between Seattle and Olympia

  4. I've boycotted red hook since they've moved to the eastside. They're dead to me and this lame attempt to try and work their way back into our hearts isn't going to work. Bring back the Trolleyman and I'll consider it.

    Think Globally, drink locally. There are enough real local beers that I don't need to go looking to Woodinville. I'll take a Hales or Maritime Pacific, please.

  5. You do know that Hale's was started on the Eastside (Kirkland), right?

    Maybe you should chill on being such a snob and enjoy this delicious local treat that pays homage to tradition and roots – a “real beer” indeed. If not, cool, more for the rest of us. If you want to be a purist, drink some Oly or Rainier.

    Save your snobbery for the wine bar… The Trolleyman was never that way.

  6. My comment had to be “reviewed by a moderator” I guess because I included a link to an image of the original Ballard Bitter Label. Anyway Ballard Bitter *was* an IPA and the label always said as much. I just bet that today the term “Bitter” just doesn't do well in focus groups, you know, with “bitter beer face” and all.

  7. “Think Globally, drink locally. There are enough real local beers that I don't need to go looking to Woodinville.”

    What a retarded comment. Woodinville is just a handfull of miles away from Ballard, as the crow flies. If you don't think that's local than perhaps you're better off shopping at Safeway and buying Budweiser.


  8. Funny …I didn't recall that Ballard Bitter was an IPA either…though I was a relative novice to microbrews back then anyway.
    Hope the Big Ballard is better than their Long Hammer, which-though drinkable-is fairly mundane compared to other IPAs IMHO…at least that seems true for the bottled version.
    Would be great if the B.B. is hoppier…would appear it will not be lacking in Punch at 8.6%…yowsa
    Ans AWESOME that they are putting BALLARD on the label!!!!

  9. Redhook distributes its products through a network of wholesale distributors, Craft Brands Alliance LLC, and a distribution alliance with Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated. Redhook distributed its products in 48 states as of March 31, 2008.

    Anheuser-Busch owns 25% of the business, as well as Widmer Brothers.

    Support your local Maritime Pacific Brewery who IMHO brew the best beer in Seattle. I could drink their Islander Pale Ale all day, and sometimes I do!

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