Bridge painting to affect pedestrians & bicyclists

This summer, Seattle Department of Transportation crews will paint one half of the Ballard Bridge, affecting pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Rick Sheridan with SDOT tells us that pedestrian access on either the east or west side of the bridge will be shut down entirely during the painting. The other side of the bridge will remain open. No word on when painting will start or which side of the bridge crews will work on first. The side that isn’t painted this year will be painted next year.

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8 thoughts to “Bridge painting to affect pedestrians & bicyclists”

  1. Free bus rides across? It'd be great if that could get worked out, because it's quite a walk to the locks or Fremont if not.

    I hardly ever walk the bridge, but do bicycle across it often. It's possible to just ride in the lane, but tricky. Kind of like riding on ice.

  2. Still, the thought of two people trying to bike it in opposite directions at the same time is pretty scary. Even walking bikes that would be tough to negotiate.

  3. Yeah, two-way bike traffic on the already too narrow path on the Ballard bridge sounds kinda scary to me. I'll probably just take the Femont Bridge or go to the locks, depending on where I'm going.

  4. Actually both sides are wide enough for two cyclist to pass as long as the rider in the “wrong” direction stops as the other rider passes.
    I ride the bridge often and most riders observe “rule”.

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