McDonald’s accident victim identified

We’ve learned the identity of the man who was run over Monday in the McDonald’s parking lot on Market Street. 67 year old George Ketah was killed when a driver ran over him as she was backing out of a parking space.

The medical examiner says Ketah had lacerations to the lung, liver, and spleen. He also had rib and spinal fractures. His death was ruled accidental and the driver was not arrested.

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  1. I feel terribly for Mr. Ketah and his family, also, for the motorist that was involved. Accidents occur each day and a life can be lost in an instant.

  2. Sounds like brutal way to go. Hopefully we don't have to hear from the “it's a joke-sters” and the “he was a worthless bum” contingent as much as in the previous thread …

  3. That's what I'm wondering too? Running over someone who's laying on the ground behind your car strikes me as truly unavoidable. Running over someone who's standing upright behind your car (i.e. visible to anyone bothering to pay attention) is frankly inexcusable.

  4. Yes, the circumstances are particularly important in this case. I find it disturbing that the driver isn't being held responsible at all, so I'm hoping the circumstances not mentioned in the articles so far can explain why that is.

  5. It is pretty evident the guy was already on the ground, since the driver isn't being charged with anything. Had the guy been clearly visible she would have been charged, no doubt. Plus the speed at which they determined there was no fault clearly indicate there were several witnesses to corroborate that.

    TBH if those are the facts then I have no sympathy for the drunk, one less bum around to pass out in a parking lot. These people are slowly killing themselves everyday with the bad decisions they make, I have no problem with the process being sped up.

  6. I just took my kid to playland and wondered what all the flowers were for? When I came back out, I saw a transient standing in front of the flowers praying. I was saddened by that, but thankful that people in this community showed compassion in creating the small memorial.

  7. Hey a serious question – if a person is pinned under the tire of a car and it can't be lifted should you drive it off of them? Or do you leave it and wait for emergency services? I'm assuming if they are under the under carriage betwen the wheels there is no option but to wait for help … but under a tire?

  8. one time I was eating at that McDonald's in my work car, and for the entire time I was eating a homeless man stood directly behind my car, blocking me, and watching me.

    I didnt see him approach my car… he was just THERE one moment.

    He stayed until I was done eating, and then he left.

    It was very creepy.

  9. Questions,

    1. Why couldn't the female driver see Ketah? Even though he was laying prone, she should of still seen him? How oblivious can you be?

    2. Why couldn't the female driver notice that when her back tire hit something, to STOP, instead doing the complete opposite and giving the car gas until the tires roll over Ketah?

    This lady SHOULD be charged, if not charged TAKE HER LICENSE AWAY FOR CHRIST SAKES!

  10. So despite your complete irrational physcosis I am sorry you lost a friend. That can't be easy. However it seems his death could have been prevented had he been more responsible for himself. The driver was not at fault, meaning it could have been prevented. I am sorry for your loss. What I am not sorry about is being blunt about bums killing themselves, look around, they are drinking themselves to death.

    If it comes out that he had a seizure or some other reason why he was face down in the parking lot I will be the first to apologize. Until then I hope George is at peace with god and in a better place.

  11. No more disturbing than the callous comments in this thread about the violent death of a fellow human being and the resultant trauma to all those closely involved. Revolting.

  12. No more disturbing than the callous comments in this thread about the violent death of a fellow human being and the resultant trauma to all those closely involved. Revolting.

  13. RIP George, your smiling face will be much missed around Ballard.
    And to all those former smug, self-satisfied, cowardly commenters hiding behind the anonimity of your computers: George was a wonderfully sweet man who, in the years i knew him, never did or said anything to harm another person. He just lived his (admitedly troubled) life and let others live theres, which is more than can be said for you folks. Just becouse you have a decent place to live doesnt mean you are a decent person.

  14. That reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode, with the disappearing and reappearing hitchhiker in the rear view mirror? Ach! I am getting the willies just thinking about it!!!

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