Ballard food waste becomes compost gold

The final 17 pots along 14th Ave NW are filled and ready for plants.

On Thursday, Cedar Grove Organics division delivered soil for the pots and volunteers filled each one. This compost is made up of pre- and post-consumer food waste and compostable food ware from restaurants and businesses in Ballard. “In an effort to support local communities, Cedar Grove has donated the potting soil for the East Ballard 14th Ave project, thus returning the recycled food waste to the community it originated in , or as we say – ‘closing the loop,'” Chris Cunningham with Cedar Grove tells us.

These local restaurants participate in Cedar Grove’s Organic recycling program:

Root Table, Veraci Pizza, Le Gourmand, Zak’s, Ray’s Boathouse, Restaurante Michoacan, The Other Coast Cafe, Zaw Pizza, Market Street Traders, Hattie’s Hat, Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers, Anthony’s Homeport, Crash Landing Pizza, Uma, Anita’s, Bastille Cafe & Bar, Snoose Junction Pizzeria, Lunchbox Laboratory, The Hi-Life, Zayda Buddy’s, King’s Hardware, Matador, Ballard Loft, Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ, Lombardi’s, Hale’s Ales

The East Ballard Community Association is holding a planting party from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 8th to finish up the planters. Sign in at Blowing Sands Glass (5805 14th Ave NW). It looks like the weather will be beautiful!

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Compost Gold? Give your mom some jewelry made out of compost for Mother’s day and tell her its gold, I dare you!


We helped out with this project on Earth Day and it was a great time! If this stupid cold goes away we’ll be back again. Thanks to all the great people working to make our community a little better, one pot of compost gold at a time.

Mr Francis
Mr Francis

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