Seattle Beer Week kicks off on Thursday

If you like to imbibe a cold one, Seattle is your town. In fact we’ve got an entire week (actually 10 days) dedicated to beer. Seattle Beer Week officially kicks off on Thursday at Hale’s Brewery (4301 Leary Way.) The inaugural tapping of a cask will be at 5 p.m.

A dozen or more beer-related events are each day through May 23rd. Although the official kick off is Thursday afternoon, the first event is the Old Town 15th Anniversary with $3.oo Big Time Brewing drafts starting at 11:30 a.m. Old Town Alehouse will host several events at the 5233 Ballard Ave NW location.

Other local spots celebrating Seattle Beer Week are The Leary Traveler (4354 Leary Way NW) with New Belgium Trivia Night on May 15th. Mike’s Chili Parlor (1447 NW Ballard Way) with the Iron Horse Brewing Night on May 15th, The Barking Dog (705 NW 70th St) with The Double Dog Dare Night on May 17th, Maritime Pacific Brewing (1111 NW Ballard Way) with the Jolly Roger Vertical featuring ’04, ’07, ’09 Jolly Roger and a special cask rumored to be from the ’90s. , Delancey (1415 NW 70th) with the Chuckanut Brewers Dinner on May 18th, The Dray (708 NW 65th St) with several events.

The festivities take place all over the city, but they end up back where they began, at Hale’s. On May 23, from noon to 5 p.m., beer connoisseurs can taste brews from 22 different Washington breweries.

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