Nearby: Dim sum delay, sunny ring, landmarks

Here are stories making headlines in nearby neighborhoods:

Ring around the sun seen Sunday afternoon, from

  • Opening of Bamboo Village dim sum in Wallingford is delayed
  • Three Queen Anne sites named city landmarks
  • Spring means raccoon season, MagnoliaVoice has pictures of baby raccoons
  • “Mamas with Cameras” artwork displayed in Fremont throughout May
  • Geeky Swedes

    The founders of My Ballard

    One thought to “Nearby: Dim sum delay, sunny ring, landmarks”

    1. This ring was brought up on Sunday at a Mountaineers trip at Snoqualmie. We were discussing avalanche safety and warning signs. Our leader explained that seeing a ring like this is indicative of small ice particles high up in the sky, often accompanied by cirrus clouds (the thin streaky ones). Both are typical of an oncoming front to move in the area about 24-36 hours. I was interesting to see him be correct, as it rained Monday.

      Just an aside.

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