Schooner crew serenades Locks’ visitors

The crew of the Adventuress serenaded visitors with sea chanteys at the Ballard Locks this morning on its way to the Center for Wooden Boats.

The 97-year-old tall ship is one of 25 finalists hoping to win a $125,000 Partners in Preservation grant. Crewmembers on the Adventuress made a plea to spectators to vote for the 133-foot boat. Today is the last day for voting.

The Adventuress is owned and operated by the non-profit group Sound Experience. If you’d like a dockside tour, the schooner will be open for tours today from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Center for Wooden Boats (1010 Valley St). (Disclosure: Partners in Preservation is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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9 thoughts to “Schooner crew serenades Locks’ visitors”

  1. Yes. The boat wants to win a bunch of money.

    Please keep in mind that it is a BOAT. $125,000. I’m sure it’s a very nice and historic boat. It’s boat.

    Seattle’s Town Hall is also up for that money, and it’s neck and neck with the… boat. Town Hall wants to repair their crumbling facade. Town hall brings high-profile speakers to Seattle and charges very little money so that everyone can see them.

    Don’t vote boat.

  2. Geeky Swede! This is a great article and I LOVED the video. I’m on board Adventuress right now and the Crew loves your post! Thank you so much!


  3. Great article! Schooner Adventuress has such a great impact on the youth of Puget Sound. I hope they get this money to restore their stern so they can continue to run exceptional environmental education programs throughout the sound.

  4. the schooners Adventuress and also Zodiac are local treasures. A group of ~40-50 can charter these beautiful sailing ships for an afternoon, or 1/2 day or longer, which works out to be pretty reasonable for an unforgettable experience. I heartily endorse and support making these kinds of investments.

  5. I came out too negative, up above. I don’t personally get into boats, so I have a hard time putting them on par with a venerable institution like Town Hall that serves so many people in our community. But rather than go negative on the boat, I should simply state what Town Hall wants to do with this money, should they win:

    “Built as the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, Town Hall Seattle has been a First Hill landmark for nearly 90 years, making the transition from religious to secular use with grace. To preserve its public accessibility, a Partners in Preservation grant is needed to restore and seal the building’s iconic white terra-cotta exterior as well as to repair the prominent stained-glass window on the building’s south side.”

  6. Well, the boat won. Congratulations to them. It won’t serve as many Seattleites as repairs to Town Hall would have, but it’s a worthy cause.

  7. Hey, neat. Because the contest was so close, Partners in Preservation decided to fully fund Town Hall’s plan, too. So everybody wins!

    Except the other 23 projects. I was kind of rooting for the King Street Station renovation, too.

  8. Gurple! It is fantastic that both Town Hall Seattle and the schooner Adventuress received full grants. As an office member for Sound Experience, I can tell you that we are all very excited for Town Hall and deeply respect and admire their building/organization. This is really a triumph for historic preservation in Puget Sound!

    As for the other sites, there is still $750,000 to be allocated by an advisory committee. Take heart! King Street Station is still in the running for some money, and personally, I love that building too! I did a report on it while I was a student at the UW.

    Thank you for your congratulations, and we hope to get you out sailing someday.

    Development Associate
    Sound Experience

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