Cafe Besalu in New York Times

Ballard’s Cafe Besalu is getting positive coverage in the New York Times.

Sara Dickerman writes, “There’s no way to order poorly at Besalu: there’s the pain au chocolat, almost savory with its bitter chocolate core; a spiraling Danish with sliced strawberries tucked into its folds; or the hazelnut twist, plush sweet dough corkscrewing around dark toasted nut paste.” The article titled In Seattle Area, an Assortment of Treats” Dickerman highlights several area eateries including Theo Chocolates in Fremont.

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6 thoughts to “Cafe Besalu in New York Times”

  1. I live for Besalu on the weekends. Durn tootin’ you can’t “order poorly” here — just randomly pointing will put an amazing pastry on one’s tastebuds.

  2. I think it’s fantastic that we have two fantastic bakeries in the neighborhood for world-class pastries.

    Now if only I lived nearer the one that /doesn’t/ have a line around the block all day on weekends.

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