Police fired shot at distraught man in Sunset Hill

Friday update: Police say that they fired a single shot at the suspect when he “appeared near a rear window of the house holding what was believed to be an assault rifle.” The SWAT officer missed, the bullet lodged in the house, and the suspect surrendered a short time later. Police say the rifle turned out to be an “Airsoft” AR-15 style assault rifle with the orange end cap painted black.

11:30pm:  It’s official.  Seattle Police confirm the armed man is now under arrest and that no one was hurt.  A huge thanks to Silver for the excellent play by play in the forum tonight, and to all of you who took part. You are our eyes and ears!

11:12pm:  Silver reports in the forum that the man has been taken into custody without incident.  Still waiting on official word from police.

10:50pm:  What sounded like 3 more flash bangs.. not gunshots.. were just heard.

10:30pm: Neighbors are now reporting loud bangs near the house.  Seattle Police say this all started when a “mental health check” was done at the residence and the man pointed a gun.  The people checking the house backed out and called police.

Original report: Thanks to everyone who emailed about the police activity in the general vicinity of NW 73rd Street and 32nd Ave.  We’re hearing that a man armed with a gun has barricaded himself inside a home.  Some streets are blocked off in the area.  This all started around 7:40pm tonight. 

Many people who live nearby and who are listening to police scanners are posting in the forum under “7:40pm police activity”. We’ll pass along more information as we get it.  Photo posted in forum by wootdude.

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18 thoughts to “Police fired shot at distraught man in Sunset Hill”

  1. just heard 2 loud bangs – maybe some kinda stun gun thing? it sounded like it was coming from 30th and 73rd – but all the cops are on 32nd

  2. neighbor just texted…the hostage house is on 73rd, just east of 32nd. the loud shots were only warning shots. they are on loud speaker negotiating. hard to get to sleep…

  3. We are experiencing high traffic on the forum page, which may be why some of you can’t see it. I am still able to see it. We are in contact with police at the scene and will continue to pass along info from the forum in the main story thread on the home page.

  4. The forum is crashing in Firefox a lot tonight. Takes a browser restart to get it back once you got the completely blank screen. Doesn’t seem to happen if you haven’t logged on.

  5. All of this over an airsoft rifle? I just lost a lot of respect for the SPD. SWAT also missed the shot? What if the guy were killed, and later found out it was only an airsoft rifle? That SWAT officer is lucky he missed. Personally our SPD and SWAT sounds a little kmart.

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