Action scenes from the Twilight Criterium races

A good crowd came down to Old Ballard Saturday evening to watch the Second Ascent Twilight Criterium — an action-packed series of bicycle races that are always a blast to watch. And photograph, too.

The races tore down Ballard and Shilshole Avenues, circling in a tight loop.

The crowd is up close and personal as the riders speed by.

How close? We could feel the breeze of the bicycles on the corners.

Like last year, there were spills to go with the thrills. Two riders took the corner too wide on Shilshole and found themselves with a nice case of road rash.

Friends of the other rider checked him over for injuries after the accident. His rear wheel had collapsed in the collision.

Some more action photos follow below. And for race results, they should be posted here in the next day or two.

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9 thoughts to “Action scenes from the Twilight Criterium races”

  1. My understanding is that Lars broke his left clavicle. He was alert at the hospital and engaging in conversation. They were to run some additional tests as a precaution.

  2. He Is ok Broken Collar Bone and lots of road rash. came home last night and he is already looking forward to coming Back.

  3. broken collar bone is nothing – all cyclists seem to do that sooner or later.

    all I can say re: the pix? hot, hot, hot!

  4. Glad to hear that Lars is doing well. I missed the crash but heard it was a hard landing.

    Hope everyone that raced and spectated Saturday had a good time, we certainly enjoyed putting the race on.

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