‘Floating farmers market’ idea proposed for Ballard

Ballard already has a great farmers market on Sundays, now Captain Dave with FarmBoat is proposing a “floating farmers market” on a different day. Dave posted his idea in the forum, “I would like to find out if some people in Ballard would be interested in getting fresh local farm produce delivered by boat (probably to the Ballard City Dock or Fishermen’s Terminal). I am working on starting a community supported agriculture (CSA) delivery program for farms up in Whatcom, Island and Jefferson Counties.” The plan, Dave writes, is to use the refrigerated hold of an old halibut schooner that was built in Ballard around 1911. He adds that they are just getting started on this project and are looking for any input. “A floating farmers market would be a cool attraction for Ballard,” he adds, “We plan to deliver CSA packages and have a small public market on the boat.” Click here for more information.

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14 thoughts to “‘Floating farmers market’ idea proposed for Ballard”

  1. Please do not do this at the Terminal. There are too many tourists there already without a bunch of recreational shoppers with strollers and dogs added.

  2. also, the terminal’s not really ballard, is it? If I’m going to the trouble to cross the ship canal, I’ll probably keep going to Pike Place.

    now where is this ‘Ballard City Dock?’

  3. Sounds awesome, I’m in. My only decision is do I ride my bike or drive and bring my dog? :)

    Seriously though, it sounds great and any more business and action we can bring to Seattle is fine by me.

  4. I love the idea. Nothing like Whatcom county raspberries, blueberries and strawberries!
    Zipper – you can ride your bike and bring your dog if you have a Springer attachment for your bicycle. I love mine!

  5. I’m sure it would take alot of permits and legwork–but it’d be cool if the Army Corp of Engineers had space for something like this at the Locks…

  6. I like this idea! It’s really just a csa, delivered by boat instead of a truck. Doesn’t seem complicated to me, though the port authority sure could make it complicated for you, I’m sure! Good luck with this and thanks for thinking outside the box!

  7. I love the idea! Don’t I remember hearing something like this idea, um, floating around about such a thing at Shilshole a few years ago? Can’t remember if someone had been doing it, or just talked about maybe doing it. Shilshole would be a great spot for it, though.

  8. Get together with Pete Knutsen(fisherman and Terminal activist), he has had a vision of a market at the west wall for sometime.

  9. Yep:

    I believe by saying “ballard city dock” he is referring to the public dock at the end of 24th near the old yankee diner. This would actually be a good spot if they could work out permits with the city. Also would need to work out parking with the owners of the parking lot for all the people that insist on driving.

  10. Q: “now where is this ‘Ballard City Dock?’”

    A: “If you don’t know, then you ain’t from around here.”

    The last thing Ballard needs is another spot taken over by the newcomers.

    This ranks up there with the question “Why don’t they have the Syttende Mai parade on Saturday, this year?” A fameous journalist said it best, “Go back home!”

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